Get ripped or die trying

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This is our newest training plan for the gym! It is an intermediate to an advanced training plan, It focuses on all body parts and it is for you if you want to:


  • Build muscle
  • Get much stronger
  • Get more toned (if done with the right diet)
  • Focus on all-round body development  
  • Training with the update science on hypertrophy

 These are the things you will be able to achieve with this plan!

Please note, this is an E-book and is only available in English.

Get ripped or die trying

Customer Reviews

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Excellent training plan!

Amazing training plan! Really nice plan to apply progressive overload on which motivates you a lot. I personally notice a lot of improvements in my strength and visible muscle mass. :)


Without doubt an excellent training plan and very focused on muscle building. i also think that it’s very well balanced. Amazing!

Bart Mertens
Awesome plan!

This plan is amazing!
I can just feel how good the combinations of exercises work on my muscles!
It keeps motivating me to get those weights up.

I started With the “push pull and legs” training and saw some real progress. Now following with the “get ripped or die trying” just finishes it.

Now lets get ripped or die trying it!! Thanks alot for these amazing workout plans!


Recently started this plan and this is without a doubt the most challenging!
I love the exercises and I'm learning so much about the different types of exercises and their functions. Very valuable plan!!
I can't wait to feel the results 💪🏼