3-day split (3x gym / week)

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This plan exists in Dutch & English

This plan will provide the best gym workouts for people who can make it to the gym three times a week. 

What can you expect?

- 2 training phases (4 months in total)

- video's for every exercise

- visible results in a few weeks

- theory on how to progressively overload

- muscle gain, a more toned body

- fat loss when combined with a calorie deficit


The promopack includes all 3 variants of this plan: 2-day split, 3-day split & 4-day split. This comes in handy when your weeks don't always look the same and you want to see the best results.

Customer Reviews

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Student friendly

Recently finished the 3-day split! I would 100% recommend it for students who have to juggle their studies with going to the gym. Besides finding a passion for weightlifting, this gymplan gave me structure and helped me get through the day by giving me hella lot of energy. The videos that come with the plan also gives you a reference point when you need to check your form. Big shout out to Livin’ Toned for giving advice when I needed it! On to the next gymplan!

Review 3 day split

Ik volg de 3 day split nu al 2 weken en het gaat heel vlot. Ik heb enkel de farmer walks vervangen door een kuit oefening omdat ik die er persoonlijk nog bij wou en bench press in de plaats van dumbell press. Ik vind de oefeningen erg leuk en de combinaties er van ook. Het helpt me enorm om te weten hoe veel sets en reps ik moet uitvoeren, doordat ik hier zelf geen beeld op heb. Ben heel blij en tevreden met dit plan! Ik merk ook dat ik door de vele herhalingen best snel sterker word :) couldn’t be happier :)

Nejra Burzic
Something i can finally stick to!!

Love this plan! I cant say much more then the fact that is easy to follow and challenges me to increase my weights.

So far so good!

I am now going into my third week of phase 1 and I really love the plan! The exercises are clearly explained with video's and one session takes me max 1u15 which is perfect.

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