Emergency homeplan 3.0

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When the first lockdown hit in 2020 we rushed to make emergency home plans, we made 2 versions that year, they were a huge success! Because some countries are going in lockdown again we decided to write a new Emergency home plan, this one. (can also be used as a regular homeplan ofcourse).

This plan has focus on the booty but still trains every part of the body. This is not your typical homeplan, don't expect burpees and jumping squats or HIIT style workouts. We at Livin' Toned only focus on optimal workouts, even if this means an exercise needs to be repeated twice in one week. Fancy and special workouts aren't always better. We like sticking to the basics. If you want to put in the least amount of effort to get the most amount of results, this plan is for you. If you like effectiveness, this plan is for you. If you like science, this plan is for you.

If you want crazy special workouts, this plan isn't for you. If you only focus on feeling the burn and you want a HIIT style of workout, this plan also isn't for you.

The goal with this plan is to build muscle. Not to sweat, feel the burn & burn calories.

 Every exercise has a longer explanatory video of how you should perform the exercise and how you can progressively overload. We also included more than 8 tips to get through the lockdown and achieve the best results! 


What equipment do you need?

Primarily bands, but dumbbells can work as well. In the video's we explain how you can do the exercise with different kinds of equipment.

We recommend bands like these:

Please invest in heavy bands! You need to train close to failure

latex power band > OFF-59%


Emergency homeplan 3.0

Customer Reviews

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Love the plan!

I purchased the plan immediately after it came out and since then followed it. Very good and thought out plan! :) very happy with it

No excuses: with this plan you can workout effectively

When the Gyms in my country closes because of another lockdown I was so sad. I was doing so well with strength training in the gym. Thanks to this amazing homeplan I can keep working out. It’s very easy to follow and super effective. So do yourself a favor and order this Tone From Home Plan. Stop making excuses and start working out!

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