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Ready to cut to the chase? Stop wasting time? Optimize your training? These plans are for you. I'm obsessed with learning more about the quickest and best ways to put on muscle mass, and I'm so excited to share this with you!


These plans should be followed for a minimum of 6 weeks, They are E-BOOKS, and with these plans, we are looking at helping you put on as much mass as possible within these 6 weeks. 


Choose between Volume 1 (4 or 5 days a week) or Volume 2 5 days a  week)! with volume 2 emphasising on growing wider shoulders!  

So pick one plan that matches your goals and your ability to go to the gym successfully. 


Good luck!

Customer Reviews

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La-Toya Vancluysen

Net gestart met dit plan en vind de variatie aan oefeningen superleuk! Ik voel mij na week 1 al supergoed en leer zoveel bij. Al helemaal in love met dit plan!

Hustle For Muscle (5x)

Have been using the HFM schedule for several weeks now with visible results! The schedule is nicely constructed with the necessary information. This is the first time I've stayed so consistent, and I'm definitely not done yet.

Keep up the good work, Livin'Toned!

4 days a week

A year ago i bought the get ripped or die trying plan. I was still happy and making progress but felt that a 4 day a week plan would fit me better. And it did! This plan is everything i needed!

From great & surprising exercises to helpful videos. I’m still learning and improving every day. Livintoned not only changed the way i train, but also the way i think about training.

Even by following their socials you get useful information. I wish i found out about Livintoned a couple of years ago.

Hustle for muscle

I’ve been training for quite some years now and have already done a lot of different approaches (powerlifting, push-pull-legs, upper-lowersplits, brosplit) but after my graduation starting my job as a realtor I always struggled with getting back to a routine with the long workdays. So I’ve been following livin’toned for a while and I feel it’s very accountable so now I do exercises I’ve never done before and I enjoy training again. Thanks 🙏

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