TONE FROM HOME: lose fat, tone up, build muscle

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With the Tone From Home plans you can choose your plan based on the equipment you have at home. There are 4 variants:

bodyweight/kettlebell & dumbbell/resistance bands/all in one. Both phases of the plan can be done 6-8weeks.

all plans are available both in Dutch & English


PAY ATTENTION TO THE LANGUAGE & VARIANT YOU CHOOSE!! (if you order the wrong variant we can not send you another one)


Goals of Tone From Home:

- You can lose fat with this plan

- You will build muscle with this plan

- Accentuates female curves

- You can achieve body recomposition = less fat, more muscle

- You will feel fitter & healthier

- You can lose bellyfat


What can you expect?

- Video's for every exercise

- 5 workout per week (you can do less if you have less time)

- Results guaranteed

- You will learn how to do a pull up in the mixed, resistance band & kettlebell/dumbbell plan

- You will learn how to do push-ups in the bodyweight plan


How to choose: 

Choose bodyweight if:

- You don't have equipment and don't want to buy

- If you're a beginner at sports

- If you want a lower level of workouts


Choose kettlebell/dumbbell:

- If you have 1/2/.. kettlebells/dumbbells at home, both will work

- intermediate level


Choose resistance bands:

- If you only have resistance bands at home

- intermediate level


Choose all in one:

- If you have weights & bands at home

- If you are prepared to buy anything that is needed

- intermediate level



Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Really loving this workout plan!

Perfect for what I was looking for!
This plan really helps give you have real structure while trying to work out from home.
I highly recommend this for anyone who wants to get in shape.

Cécile Van Roeyen
10/10 would recommend

I’ve been training for a good two weeks now and I can already tell that I’m getting way stronger than before! Somehow this plan keeps me motivated and I’m literally looking forward to my workout throughout the day. And even though you can’t really see a lot of changes yet, I feel better and more confident in my skin. And again, I’m only two weeks in! Crazy.

Tina Kooij
Helder en motiverend

Je kan altijd omhoog gaan met gewichten waardoor je het plan super lang kan gebruiken. Ook nu de sportscholen weer opengaan kan je het plan alsnog gebruiken door daar voor zwaardere gewichten te kiezen. Super helder geschreven en fijne video’s. Dit is mijn tweede plan van LT en zoals verwacht weer super!

Marlies Van de Casteele
Top plan

Dit is echt een stevig plan voor thuis! In het begin zeer stijf, maar na verloop van tijd merk je echt de progressie! Super motiverend dus!

Highly recommended plan !

Perfect evenwicht tussen de verschillende trainingsdagen om je motivatie hoog te houden! Ik voel me super goed na elke workout en dat is voor mij zeer belangrijk. Bedankt Loewi en Toni !

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