2-day split (2x gym / week)

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This plan exists in Dutch & English

This plan will provide the best workouts for people who can only make it to the gym twice a week. The training you can do in 2 days is often limited, but we made it as optimal as possible for you. 

What can you expect?

- 3 training phases (6 months in total)

- video's for every exercise

- visible results in a few weeks

- theory on how to progressively overload

- muscle gain, a more toned body

- fat loss when combined with a calorie deficit


The promopack includes all 3 variants of this plan: 2-day split, 3-day split & 4-day split. This comes in handy when your weeks don't always look the same and you want to see the best results.

Customer Reviews

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Delfine Diakumpuna
Great program

I was very insecure in the gym, had no idea what I was suppose to do, always needed to be guided.
Now I can finally go to the gym by myself and don't feel completely lost. The videos are so helpful!
The 2-day split is the best for my busy schedule. Very clear exercise overview, including some extra information.
I'm very satisfied!

Perfect if you also like other sports!

As a perfectionist, I tend to stop training / feel like I've failed as soon as I miss out on a workout. I tried 'the glute journey' but I couldn't schedule the training sessions properly.

This 2 day program gives me an evenly intense and efficient workout, but most of all a better/healthier mindset & a lot more freedom to also keep climbing and doing yoga!

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