4-day split (4x gym / week)

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This plan exists in Dutch & English

This plan will provide the best workouts for people who want to go to the gym 4x a week.

What can you expect?

- 2 training phases (4 months in total)

- video's for every exercise

- visible results in a few weeks

- theory on how to progressively overload

- muscle gain, a more toned body

- fat loss when combined with a calorie deficit


The promopack includes all 3 variants of this plan: 2-day split, 3-day split & 4-day split. This comes in handy when your weeks don't always look the same and you want to see the best results.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A great plan

I'm loving it so far and seeing the results, too!

Savannah Schouws
So much fun and effective

This is honestly the most fun work out routine I have had in a while, which also is very effective. Already getting stronger. Also includes valuable information. Will definitely purchase more from livin’ toned when I finish the guide!

Bo V.
Favoriete plan!

Sinds ik voltijd werk had ik enorm veel moeite met een goede balans te vinden tussen werk en fitness. Het laatste level van TGJ was namelijk net teveel om in mijn dagelijkse leven vol te houden zonder altijd stress te hebben ivm timing. Dit plan is werkelijk mijn redding geweest! Ik kan dit comfortabel met werk combineren en ben enorm veel sterker geworden sinds ik dit plan consistent kan volgen! Jullie zijn enorm bedankt❣️

Meri Musheghyan
Never felt so great in my life!!

I have bought this guide 2 weeks ago, and believe me when I tell you I CAN ALREADY SEE A MAJOR DIFFERENCE! I am starting to get toned around my chest, shoulder, leg areas. The guide just gives me peace of mind because I know what to do in the gym! And combined with the SAY NO TO YO-YO guide it’s a recipe to success!!

Thanks, Loewi & Toni!

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