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We are both very excited to share this 80/20 recipe e-book on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle without depriving yourself of the food you love. It’s our goal to help you find a sustainable balance regarding both nutrition and movement, so you can be the best version of yourself while still enjoying life and yummy food.

With the recipes we’ve selected we want to inspire you to get the best out of your healthy meals and enjoy the food you eat without constantly feeling like you’re on a ‘diet’. Eating mostly whole foods that fuel your body should be both easy ànd fun.

If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know that we like to bust common myths about training and eating. ‘Eating perfectly’ should not be the goal, it is unrealistic and unattainable. Depriving yourself of the things you enjoy does
not work if you think of your health as a
long term lifestyle, not just a short term goal. In the long-run, deprivation and crash diets only cause frustration and weight gain.

There is room for the food that you love.

Stop trying to be perfect and opt for consistency.

To help you achieve that mentality, we’re happy to provide you with an e-book full of recipes following the 80/20 principle.
We advise you to eat:

80% nutritious, whole and unprocessed foods (e.g. fresh veggies, lean protein, fruits, whole grains, sweet potato, ...
20% things that make you enjoy the 80% even more (e.g. sauce, cheese, ...) and foods you don’t want to deprive yourself of forever because you enjoy them so much (e.g. chocolate, french fries, the occasional pizza,...).

There is no such thing as ‘bad’ food as long as you follow the 80/20 rule.



- 21 yummy recipes

- calories & protein calculated per serving

- meals range from 300-700 calories/serving

- perfect for weight loss or weight gain (explained in the book)


- Muscle French Toast
- Banana Gains (pre- or post-workout shake)
-  Berry Healthy Smoothie (pre- or post-workout)
Wrap Up Your Excuses
Chili Con Músculo
Toni’s Fried Rice
Jollof Quinoa
Wrap Up Your Excuses Breakfast Edition
Curry Lunge
Sea You At The Gym-Soup
BarBellQ Chicken & Spicy Fries
Burgers & Fries But Fit
Cake..Just Because
Comfit Food
Dhal - Plant-Based Protein Meal
Super Salmon Sandwich
Crave Killer
Savory Protein Muffin
Omega 3 Cookies
Spiernazie & Salmon Pasta
Own Your Granola
The e-book comes in English (not dutch)
80/20 Recipe e-book

Customer Reviews

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Super lekker

Heerlijke receptjes! Looooooove Toni's fried rice & Jollof quinoa, 't is zodanig lekker dat mijn familieleden de hele tijd uit mijn pot komen eten :D

Anaïs Dewilde

I tried every dish. Everything is super delicious, but one stands out and that is Toni's fried rice!!!! I mean I just eat it every week and everyone should eat this 😅 Look forward to trying more recipes from you guys. Aaaand I'll learn something new too 😉

Verslaaafd aan de fried rice

Gevarieerde recepten! Van alles wat je nodig hebt in een week. Super inspiratie voor eiwitrijk eten. Echt verslaafd aan Toni's fried rice, love it!!


Super lekkere en gevarieerde recepten die makkelijk zijn om klaar te maken! Voor elk moment van de dag is er een gerecht en met alle nodige info over calorieën en proteïne zijn ze perfect om te tracken. Ideaal dus in combinatie met Say No To Yo-Yo en de workout plannen! Can't wait for part 2 :)

Rita S.

Love every recipe, soooo yummy! My favourite is Chili Con Músculo, we eat this every other week (my husband likes it as well).
Worth every penny!!

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