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1 session lasts 1 hour to 1,5 hour, we don't focus on the clock we focus on getting in an effective workout. 

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Customer Reviews

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Zeker een aanrader ! Een hele hoop bijgeleerd. Een super lieve meid. Tijdens de training heeft ze me ook uitgedaagd.
Ik ben echt happy buiten gegaan !

So worth it!

Since I followed a few sessions, I finally found the courage to start weightlifting consistently! They explain everything very well and know 200% what they are talking about. Besides that they make you feel very much at ease, which was very important for me since I had zero experience. I definitely recommend it and am so happy I could learn from these two!

Charlotte Awouters
1 on 1

Naast de training plans is dit zeker en vast een aanrader en dit niet alleen voor beginners !
Zoveel bijgeleerd op de 3 sessies die ik samen met hen heb kunnen doen plus een aantal PR’s behaald 💪🏼

Marijke Troubleyn
Don’t hesitate, book the sesh!

Wow, I followed the groupclass with T&L for 5 weeks. They are so passionate and have so much knowledge about lifting and fitness in general. I’ve learned so so much from them! They give you a 120% every time. When you think you can’t go any further, they will push you (in a good way) and you will be flabbergasted with what you’re actually capable of! All I wanted to say is… don’t hesitate, book the sessions!

Jason Andries
Inspiring session with great advice!

I followed the group class LivinToned hosted.

Both Loewi and Toni are very friendly and approachable people, and really want to help you become the best version of yourself. They give very clear instructions on how to get the proper form, and tweak your form by watching you and giving hands-on feedback. They even had a beginner exercise ready for me when practicing the RDL because I just couldn’t get my form right in the beginning.

Another thing I really liked is that they push your limits and encourage you so that you actually lift heavier weights than you thought you could.

I would really recommend training with them, especially if you’re new to lifting like me and want to learn how to do it right from the start!