MASTERCLASS: how to design a perfect workoutplan

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Toni & Loewi taught a masterclass about how to design the most optimal workout plan for yourself on the 15th of November. Here you can purchase the whole masterclass video + the presentation (feel free to check out the reviews to see how much the live public liked it!)

Topics we will talk about:

- best exercises for each muscle group

- how many reps and sets you should do

- how you should plan recovery

- how you can optimise a plan for YOUR body

- Q&A to answer all your personal questions! 

  After purchasing you will be able to watch the whole masterclass

MASTERCLASS: how to design a perfect workoutplan

Customer Reviews

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You guys did an amazing job. Loewi and Toni took their time to explain everything. I learned so much information & this motivated me to make my own workout plan. I just loved it & I would recommed this to everyone. Thank you for your knowledge & enthusiasm!!🌷✨🌞🌈🦋

Really helpful masterclass

I just looooved the masterclass!! Toni and Loewi explain everything so well with nice examples! I can’t wait to start writing my own workout plan! Would definitely recommend, 10/10! Also love their passion and enthusiasm in everything they do!! Thanks a lot :))

Loved itttttt!!!!

I am super excited to create my own workoutplan with all the information i reached from this masterclass!
It was all explained so well! Thank you so much!!! Now i know what’s al behind the plans!! I loved ittttt

Huitzi Sterckx
Loved it

I learned so much new information. I’m so thankful to loewie and Tony for sharing their knowledge!
It’s really worth it if you want to learn to make your own program or even to understand what’s important in your current one. Really educational!

So so goooood!!

Loewi and Toni really took their time to explain everything. This masterclass really motivated me to make my own workout plan and perfect it with trial and error in the gym. Learned so much!

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