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Our newest booty plan is here!

In this plan the priority lies on building the glutes, of course we'll also touch on upper body & the rest of the legs. The upper body training sessions will be a little bit more bodyweight style to keep things interesting and fun (Loewi has been training in that style lately, and enjoying it! That's why we made a plan out of it). 

You will be training 4-5x a week (all is explained clearly in the plan). This plan has 2 training phases and each phase can be used for 6-8 weeks so in total you can follow this plan for longer than 3 months

This is not really a beginner-level plan. If you're a motivated beginner, you can give it a try, but preferably follow Start To Gym first. 

If you have experience in the gym this plan will definitely be something fun for you, the biggest motivator is a new plan right?

Let's make some gains! 😃 

Customer Reviews

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Charlotte Moens

Amazing plan that focuses on glutes & legs. I’ve been following the plan for over a month now and it’s crazy to see how much progress I made (in combination with the right nutrition ofc). I love how addicting it has become to see a pump in my glutes/legs. Can’t wait to continue and see myself changing!

Julie M
New Bootyplan

The best plan for baking the cake ladies!
Really love the focus on the glutes and legs, and using most bodyweight for the upperbody.


You are the reason I finally found a sport I love and have the confidence to work out in the gym. Thank you!!!

Baking a cake 🎂

I went to the gym for almost a year when I started to feel 'the ick'. I wasn't following a plan, didn't see anything change, lost motivation,... so I decided to buy this plan. Hoping it would light my fire again. And boy... it did not disappoint! After 1 week I already saw MAJOR changes in my booty, legs and upper body! To be honest... I didn't even care about the physical changes. The mental boost it gave me, the excitement of going to the gym, beating PR after PR, new exercises, support from you guys..... priceless! The workout is very effective, 0 bullshit and 100% worth the money!

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