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There is a saying that goes "the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. the second-best time is now."  Let's start on your journey today. We are moving together as a community and getting women into gyms. You belong there and you deserve the confidence that comes with it!


TGJ is a gymplan, not a homeplan!



- fat loss

- toned body

- flatter stomach

- booty

- definition

- healthier

- more confidence

- more training knowledge

 In level I we look into:

  • How the glute works
  • How to train to get specific fitness goals (while also focusing on growing your glutes)
  • The anatomy of the glutes
  • Why you should train your glutes
  • How your genetics impacts how you look and your growth potential
  • and much more!...


This plan also comes with two (2) 4-week training blocks of 3 training days.

In level II we look into:

  • Understanding the mind-muscle connection 
  • How to train to get specific fitness goals (while also focusing on growing your glutes)
  • How to get stronger through structured training and progressive overload
  • Why you should train your glutes
  • and much more!...


This plan also comes with two (2) 4-week training blocks of training days.


In level III we look into:

  • Advanced training techniques
  • Tips for your diet

This plan also comes with one (1) 6-week training block of 5 training days.


Level IV features all the latest training knowledge we have and is our latest plan (January 2022). 5 training days a week! Works with topsets & back down sets.


So what are you waiting for? join us on the journey, The Glute Journey!

Customer Reviews

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Mascha Stultiens

Wauw wat een fijn trainingsschema! Loewi en Toni zijn een grote motivatie die er steeds voor blijven zorgen dat je je doel wilt bereiken. De (eerlijke) kennis die ze delen is van grote waarde. Er zijn zoveel misstanden rondom de dieet industrie en fitness wereld, maar zij vertellen je hoe het echt zit. Een dikke aanrader.

Jasmijn Blom
Life changing

I’ve been following TGJ for over a year now and all I can say is that it changed my gym life (and everything else) for good!! I used to go to the gym, do some cardio, some light weight exercises, and of course I never saw the result I wanted.

Until I started to follow Livin’Toned and Loewi on instagram and thought I’d give it a try. Now one year later, I lost almost 8kg that I could never loose, I am toned and strong (175kg hipthrust this week 🥺) and the gym is my home. I want to thank you guys so much for helping me with everything, and I will always continue to support you!


Ik zou niet meer zonder livin'toned willen en kunnen leven. Die tips die zij meegeven, de uitleg die zij erbij schrijven en de moeite die zij doen om overal een voorbeeld filmpje van te maken is gewoon fantastisch. Keep up the good work Toni and Loewi!


Makkelijk te volgen plan. Duidelijk omschreven. Filmpjes tonen hoe de oefeningen uitgevoerd moeten worden.

Celina Amoussou
The glute journey

I love it so much! Ik hou ervan dat alles heel duidelijk word uitgelegd en dat er niet alleen de oefeningen in zitten maar veel meer! Echt top plan, voel me veel zelfzekerder in de gym omdat ik zekerweet dat ik het goed doe