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The consultation is a Zoom conversation in which you can ask me any question (fitness or diet-related). It is best to prepare for this conversation and keep a pen and paper with you while we call.

In this conversation, you can ask me all the questions you have always wondered, so I can give you advice on which next steps to take in your personal journey.

Think of this as a mini personal coaching session. The duration of this conversation is around 30min

This conversation does not include any exchange of personal documents.

As soon as you order this consultation, I will contact you to schedule an appointment at which I will call you (this can take up to 2 working days! To avoid double bookings, I first wait for confirmation of an appointment before I propose available dates to the next customer).

You will receive a Zoom link through e-mail 

TIP !!!: It is very useful for me to know how many calories you eat, so if you can, keep track of your calories for a week before we call. If you have no experience with this, no stress! This is not mandatory.


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Nutritional advice

I’m following Livin’ Toned for a long time already on Instagram. Really love their view on fitness and nutrition. I was struggling with my calorie deficit and protein intake and had no energy/motivation anymore for my weight trainings, so I booked in a call with Loewie to explain my problem and ask for tips.

She asked me about the start of my journey until today to have a full view of what’s going on. She noticed my proteine intake is way too low and gave me lots of tips to increase this, how many calories I should be eating, good food I should be eating, where to buy, what to do on days i’m not training … I could ask my whole list of questions and got an answer on all of them.

This call alone already gave me motivation to get my ass back in the gym :-)

Thanks, Loewie!!

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