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The first session can mostly be planned in the same week you have paid. After the first session we can discuss further coaching.

5 sessions = €480

10 sessions = €920

1 session lasts 1 hour on average, we don't focus on the clock, we focus on getting in an effective workout!

You are required to have a membership at Release (Antwerp). This is paid separately to the gym. 

Let's see if you were really pushing yourself 😃 

Customer Reviews

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PT with Loewi

Loewi made me rediscover my joy in weight training! I value her science-based approach, as well as her expertise in not only training-to-failure ;) but also in promoting mental well-being and women in weightlifting.

Pauline Tops
PT Loewi

Ik heb 6 PT lessen gevolgd bij Loewi en ik heb hier zo veel uit geleerd! Niet enkel op vlak van mijn vorm en houding maar ook op het vlak van mezelf te pushen. Ook heb ik nieuwe oefeningen of variaties op oefeningen geleerd.

Ze zal er voor zorgen dat je altijd tot het uiterste gaat waardoor je eigenlijk verschiet van wat je zelf kan. Als je alleen traint is het soms moeilijker om te pushen tot het uiterste, zij geeft u net dat laatste zetje om toch die laatste rep nog te doen. Bereid u alleen wel voor, als Loewi zegt ‘nog 2’ moet je er garantie nog 6 doen 😅.

Loewi is super lief en aangenaam om mee te trainen. Ze zorgt ervoor dat je je comfortabel voelt en luistert naar wat je wil. Je merkt ook echt dat ze weet waar ze mee bezig is en kan heel veel uitleg geven over oefeningen of voeding.

Ik raad de 1 op 1 lessen zeker aan!! Ze zijn het meer dan waard. Ik ben zeker van plan om nog trainingen te boeken 💪🏼
De t-shirts zijn ook zalig om in te trainen!

Carmel Mbenga
Highly recommend!!

I had my very first PT with Loewi and let me tell you that it was definitely worth it! She pushed me beyond my limits and showed me what I was capable of . Very informative and helpful. I 100 % recommend it to everyone who wants to start their gym journey. Thank you Loewi!

Vivian Woltman

I visited Antwerp and booked a PT session with Toni. Man... I wish I lived closer because it really is so valuable! I had asked so many people what I could do to improve my squat and be able to train without back pain, and I never really knew what to do. It's clear to me Toni continuously educates himself and is very driven to share and apply his knowledge. Also: you will absolutely learn a new way of challenging yourself. I'll be applying allll this knowledge to my own trainings now and will definitely book again should I ever be close to Antwerp in the future. Go book your session(s)! :)

A fun and insightful experience

I have been consistently training for two years now, and I used to think that my own experience and some YouTube videos were enough for making progress. However, after today's session with Toni, I realized that this is not the case.

Throughout the workout, he constantly pushed and corrected me, pointing out areas where I still needed to improve my form and technique, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

As a client, it's your responsibility to ask as many questions as you have about your body and training, and Toni will be there with the answers.

I would definitely recommend the 1-to-1 sessions with him and would be happy to do it again!

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