Period Periodization

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Do you want to:

- see more results (compared to doing the same workouts all month round)

- train in tune with your cycle

- feel less lethargic, guilty and more empowered during your luteal phase & period


Then this plan is for you. This plan is for people with a natural menstrual cycle (if you have a copper IUD this plan is for you!), ideally a regular one. If you are on hormonal birth control (IUD, implants, Ring, the pill) this plan will not work for you the same way, but it can educate you and help you train through your stopweek, if you are on the pill.


- 3 - 4 training sessions a week

- trains the whole body with a bit more volume on the legs

- focused on building muscle

- 3 different workout plans (period, follicular & luteal)



Customer Reviews

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Djesse-Stephanie Booto Baondjo Bentoto
Guilt-free training!!

SO happy with this plan!! Been hormone free for almost a year now and it feels so good to train in sync with my cycle. I know where and when my limits are, it allows me to train guilt-free, and cut the negative self talk when i don't push it as hard as before. so thank you so much for this plan, you're contributing to my physical and mental health <3

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