Say No To Yo-Yo - fat loss guide

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The fat loss guide that will change your life

Learn how you can lose weight in a healthy manner & keep it of forever

Break the yo-yo cycle and be comfortable in your body! 




The guide has 2 parts: 

1: The Last Diet

2: The Lasting Diet

both guides are equally as important, we advice you to start reading from the beginning.


What can you expect?:

- Fat loss without yo-yo effect

- Step by step explanations of actions you need to take to reach your goals

- You'll learn about how your body works, that way you'll always know what to do in order to lose or gain weight in the future

- Lifelong knowledge, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about fat loss

- A 25% discount code of all of our plans, recipe e-book and even on consultations!

(This guide requires tracking calories)


What do you have to lose? If you don't acquire the knowledge of this guide you might have to spend much more money and time on dieticians, personal trainers, quick fix methods in the future. We don't want that for you! Give Say No To Yo-Yo a chance and you'll notice how it will open your eyes to everything you always needed to know.



Goodluck and say NO, to yo-yo  ;-)


Customer Reviews

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Hanne Goossens
Do not hesitate to buy

This is the best investment for your mental and physical health. All your doubts concerning nutrition and fitness will be gone. Loewi and Toni sell their very valuable knowledge for a very decent price. If you were hesitating to buy, let this be your sign.

You need this in your life!

This e-book is so clear, it is all the necessary. You feel like you finally know what you needed to know all along. There is no stress, no pressure. The only question is: why didn’t I buy this sooner?


Just wow!!!


Thanks loewie for saving my life, my mental health!!


If you want control over your nutrition without the adverse effects of fad diets, then this is the book for you.
Packed with knowledge and tips on how to get you to your goals without spending too much.
It is definitely a keeper for now and for the future.