Project 2:1

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Project 2:1 is our newest workoutplan, it is inspired by the Train Like Loewi workouts on the Livin Toned app.

2:1 stands for the ratio between lower-body muscle mass & upper-body muscle mass. The goal is to grow big & muscular legs while keeping the upper body defined & toned. We're also going hard on ab training in this plan and some cardio as well. 

Follow this plan for 6-10 weeks consistently! 

6 training days (incl abs & cardio days). 

Customer Reviews

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Vivian Woltman
I love it

I love this split! Great idea to have ab+cardio days as this really helps to be more consistent. I also love the order of the exercises on leg days - it makes it much easier for me to engage the right muscles. :) Super excited to see the progress I am going to make in the coming months.


Goed schema met niet te lange workouts. Goede oefeningen!

Ellen Demets

i have been training for a long time but have always struggled to find a workout that would really strenghten my legs. i have been using this plan for 3 weeks and i already see and feel soooo different. it works amazing and really gives you the space to make it as hard or as easy as you want it to be. thankyou loewwie & toni for making this pearl. love x

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