Start to gym (beginner level)

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Beginner, scared, nervous? Start here!
With this brand new START TO GYM PLAN

Theoretically speaking, everyone(!) should work out & do some sort of resistance training for health benefits. I know the gym can be a scary place. So that’s why I wanted to put the threshold low enough so everyone who is a bit scared of the gym could finally overcome that fear. 

Every exercise will have a link to a video where we explain EVERYTHING, how to set up a machine, how to set up the seat of the machine, how your body should be moving. We really try to make this initial phase as easy as possible. You just have to pay attention to the video’s and copy what we do.


I know it’s easy to say 'just get over it and focus on yourself in the gym'. That doesn't really help, so I hope this plan will help you build confidence and courage!

This plan will give you a foundation from where you can build from. This kind of foundation will change your life because no one can take it away from you anymore, and you can go into every direction from there.

This plan is perfect for:

  • People who want to gain muscles

  • People who want to tone their body

  • People who want to lose fat

  • People who want to change their lifestyle

  • People who want to be healthier

  • Ladies and gents

  • People who want to overcome their fear of going to the gym

  • Beginners

  • People who have limited time

Disclaimers when buying this plan:

- This plan is an e-book, not a physical book

- We are not responsible for injuries. Don’t continue training when experiencing pain. Watch the video’s and make sure your form is correct

- Do not share this document with anyone that hasn’t paid for it. This is considered theft and can be traced.

- Read the plan first and when you have questions you can contact us on IG @livintoned


Start to gym (beginner level)

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews

Ik ben altijd een persoon geweest die geen plezier vond in sport. Ik ben nu 2 weken bezig en voel me fitter. Zelf na lange zware werkdagen heb ik zin om mijn oefeningen uit te voeren omdat ze uit te voeren zijn op basis van toestellen. Dankjewel!! ♥️♥️

Michèle Van Daele
Net wat ik zocht

Ik had de vorige versie van start to gym, maar voor mij was de drempel net iets te hoog doordat veel oefeningen zonder machines waren. Hierdoor voelde ik me wat onzeker. Dit plan is hoofdzakelijk met eenvoudige toestellen en weinig oefeningen waardoor je het niet ontziet om te gaan en gemotiveerd blijft. Top!

Muzaffer Seyhan
Back on track

Its has been a couple of years now since I’ve gone to the gym. I totally gave up on it.
Now got almost 14 days, I’ve been working out with the start to gym schedule and I am on fire.
Always looking out for the next day so I can go to the gym and do my workouts.
This helped me a lot!
Love the schedule, good to go with and hungry for more!

Thanks a lot Livintoned!

Great plan

This plan gets me so motivated. As a beginner, it’s so nice to know what you’re going to do that day and have clear video examples. It makes me feel confident in the gym. I can say the workouts are challenging but definitely doable! This program has made me fall in love with weightlifting. I’m nowhere near where I want to be, but instead of feeling impatient to get to my goals, I’m actually enjoying the journey now. Will buy a new program in a few months!

Louise Geeraerts

I'm so in love with this program. In the past, I had some troubles with keeping my motivation to fitness, but since I have this program I started to really enjoy my time in the fitness.
The program itself is very clear, with videos of how you need to do the exercises. Also I'm liking what I'm seeing when I look in the mirror, it's due to this program and going to the fitness but also a healthy mindset.
So I totally recommend this program and Livintoned!

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